I have included this section because some people would like to see the flavor of the work that we do together. (All excerpts printed with permission)

ABOUT Group Constellation Work

I am writing you with great joy and peace in my heart. I was so touched by Sunday’s workshop. When in the constellation, the love I felt for the mother and father moved me deeply. When I moved out of the role, I felt so grounded in love and still do as I write this letter. Just one of many awareness of that day.
Kevin, 45, Massage Therapist
Working with Leah has softened the way I look at life. Before I met Leah it was easy for me to harbor resentments and blame my family members. Doing the constellation workshops has helped me ease some long standing hurts. Standing in for others' family members has been just as powerful and cathartic. I would recommend this work to anyone who seeks the truth.
Julie, 42, filmmaker
I learned more in three group constellation sessions and working privately over 3 months with Leah than I had learned in more than 20 years and over $100,000 of talk therapy. I learned more about life and my true self than I had in my 50 years of what I thought was an in-touch life….
Marie, 50, Consultant and Writer
I do believe it is an opportune time to give thanks to an incredible woman. I thank you for your patience, kindness and inherent beautiful nature.
Robert, 41, Event Producer
Since the workshop I have had a greater compassion for myself and I seem to have let go of this fear that I had been carrying around.  It is really amazing. I can't get over how much that time affected me and I really believe that if you were not there I would not have gained nearly as much as I believe I have.  Thank you for your presence, your caring, your insight and your guidance.  I really believe that weekend changed my life.
Shelley, 39, Process Acupressure Practitioner 
My experience with the constellation work was quite profound it was an amazing entry into the hidden and underlying motivations of my parents in a supportive safe environment. As my session evolved I was mystified by how clear the inter-relationships had become and it gave me insight on how to go forward with my own healing and a way to forgive the past completely. I must say it was a valuable and not to be missed step forward in my own process and the future interpersonal relationships in my family. Thanks for making it such an amazing experience!
Glenys, 38, Cranial Sacral Practitioner
Thank you for last night. It was a powerful evening and I am always amazed at the opportunities that arise for my own healing. Working as “Symptoms” allowed me to experience and to begin to heal the regret I harbored in not bringing a pregnancy to term. Again, thank you for facilitating a work of great service.
Midge, 56, Photo Editor
I and a few of my friends just got back from your workshop in LA (I was sorry that the others couldn’t make it).  It was very moving and powerful.  We all got to take part and shared wonderful experiences. I took members of my "prayer for the Planet" group.  Leah you really have a gift.
Sophie, late 40s, Book Editor
Thank you for your presence, impeccability, and lovability.
Bill, 56, Counselor
Thank you so much for your gentle, clear knowledge and understanding. You are a gift. Thank you for your light.
Cassie, 28, Process Acupressure Practitioner
I am amazed at your wisdom, it was such a beautiful thing to behold you in action last night. It must be so good to know you are doing the work you are meant to be doing – and on such a high level. I applaud you, and look on with great admiration.
Lisa, 46, Film and TV Editor
I just wanted to say in words how much I appreciate your wisdom, patience and kindness. I know that I am extremely fortunate to have your time and unconditional love. Woah! Did I just write that? … I see you as a mentor, teacher, friend, and angel.
Robert, 41, Entrepreneur
I have only taken two workshops and in both of them I learned so much about myself, my childhood and my family that had stayed hidden and buried.  I thank you so much for bringing my darkness to light, because it's only in the light that there is healing.
Annette, 36, TV Producer

ABOUT Individual Sessions

I can’t thank you enough for the fabulous session on Friday. It totally brought me into balance. I realized how profound Process Acupressure work really is and how truly gifted you are in doing your work. It was absolutely one of the greatest sessions I have ever had. Bless you dear friend, you are such a huge inspiration in my life: Connection, deepening connections along our journey. This world in such need of your gifts and talents and enlightened wisdom.
Paula, 43, Bodyworker
Leah Matalon, I love you! I got through the audition like a pro…..
Jill, 32, Vocalist
I came to Leah after 10 years of headaches resulting from TMJ (jaw) pain. I had been to countless TMJ specialists, including surgeons who wanted to operate on my jaw. This option didn’t make sense to me but I was facing the prospect of having frequent migraines for the rest of my life.  Fortunately for me, I met Leah and after just one visit, I felt dramatically better, the jaw pain was gone and I have never had another migraine.
Audrey, 38, Research Scientist
Let me begin (and only begin) to thank you for your very special rescue mission …. And mainly for your loving hands, head and heart. … My goodness! Big changes already and it is only 7 am the next morning and the numbness went from a 7 to a 6 in improvement, while JOIE DE VIVRE went from a 3 to an 8! (A REAL big improvement)
Lisa, 46, Film and TV Editor