Q & A

Why do this kind of work with Leah Matalon?

If you are interested in deep healing, growth and development – including the specific issues noted below – as well as just plain feeling better, you will find this work of interest. Many have found the work we do together profoundly transforming. Consider working with me if you would like to address:

"When we understand, we are at the center of the circle, and there we sit while Yes and No chase each other around the circumference." Chuang-tzu

What is a constellation?

A constellation is an intervention. When we tap into an experience of something greater than our individual selves – the family system and Spirit-Mind – we change the focus of our accustomed view of our lives and the events that shaped them. This change in perspective allows us to see in a new and different light. Emotions that we have over-identified with suddenly are seen in their universality as part of the human condition. When the truth is revealed in this way, our context of understanding changes, our hearts soften, a space opens for movement, frozen emotions thaw, entrenched beliefs drop away, and we are able to embrace ourselves and others, allowing love to flow freely. Some have said that the greatest function of healing is to re-establish the flow of love. Remarkably, in a constellation, this takes place as though the unfolding were written, as though it were waiting to happen, as though it were meant to be. We discover that transformation and integration are possible.

What happens in a constellation workshop? What does it look like?

Constellation workshops can be a half-day, an evening, a full day, a weekend or more days. Some workshops are focused around a theme, such as reconciliation or creativity.

As no two people and no two families are alike, each constellation will be different. First we sit in quietly a circle and acknowledge the threshold from the everyday world to this work. We begin with a very short interview where one participant states the central issue for this constellation. The participant then invites others to represent family members or aspects of the issue and places them inside the circle according to an inner feeling. Slowly, the constellation begins to unfold as the representatives respond to inner feelings. These movements are what Bert Hellinger refers to as “movements of the soul” and “being moved by Spirit-Mind.” Self-healing is invited in and supports the flow of the movements.

As facilitator, I take care in guiding this process as we discover relationships and meaning that are part of our family systems as well as the profundity of the human condition. Those who sit in the circle witness the unfolding and support the process through maintaining a deep awareness. They may be asked to serve as representatives as the constellation develops.

The constellation ends when there is resolution or when a place to leave for the moment presents itself. Many experience a systemic constellation as an intense, resonant experience that leaves a deep impression. The constellation continues to work on the client / participant and often every person in the workshop for a long time. The end of the constellation is often the beginning of profound changes and continuing insights and movements as well as shifts in understanding and opening to love. These insights and understandings come whether you were a representative or a witness to your own or others’ constellations.

Is Family Systems Constellation work a form of psychotherapy?

No, a constellation is not psychotherapy although it originally emerged from professionals within the field of psychotherapy. In fact the work and its results are very different. The domains that this philosophy encompasses are much broader than any one field and that is part of its richness. The constellation is an intervention that does not focus exclusively nor primarily on problems, there is no emphasis on cognition or process or intellectualizing of issues. There is no diagnosis or assumptions, and judgments are dropped. From Source, truth reveals itself and it may not fit expectations. This work does not take place in the mind, it takes place in a universal system that includes the Body-Mind-Spirit continuum, the ancestors, the family field, the whole of the human condition, and what is beyond our comprehension, whether we call it the collective intelligence, spirit, God, Creation, or the nameless Tao. Some speak of the resolving influence of the Knowing Field, others of the workings of Spirit-Mind.

Constellations tap into the rich reservoir of Knowledge and Love that is always there, yet just beyond our intellectual reach. The work of restructuring patterns allows us to recapture the original spirit of the Authentic Self. As we become balanced and harmonized, we open to Love and in this way emotional, mental and physical suffering are addressed by the restoration of love’s flow to our lives. We learn to say “Yes” to the blessing of life itself. Gratitude, faith, love, compassion and understanding – that radiate from you to your entire field of life and family and generations – are the ultimate results.

Why does a constellation work?

This question has a lot of answers. Bert Hellinger's most current evolution of the work speaks of "moving the Spirit-Mind into further dimensions of Love." Albrecht Mahr refers to "the Knowing Field." What we do know is that working in Constellations we tap into something greater, profound change occurs, issues are resolved, individuals and families are transformed.

How long does a constellation take?

As noted above, each constellation is different. Some take perhaps a half hour and others involve numerous representatives and can take an hour or more.

Does the whole family need to be there in order for a constellation to work?

No and, in fact, shifts and changes take place in the family system even when you are the only one working.

What happens after a constellation? How will I feel when the constellation is completed?

Immediately after a constellation, some feel joy, lightness, relief. Others may experience the continuation of the connected intensity that has unfolded. Others feel a mixture of these emotions. What is clear is that this work is very powerful, long-lasting and continues to unfold. Estranged relatives may suddenly call and reconciliation ensues. A deep-seated problem suddenly dissolves or a solution is found. Because a constellation is an expansive way of working, the results become known over time.

Does everyone who does a constellation have a revelation?

Yes, but not everyone sees what it is right away because of the process of unfolding.

How many constellations do I need before it sticks? Before things heal and I get better? Should I do a second or third one?

While the constellation in any given workshop has an ending, the work of the constellation continues over time. Some people like to do one and it is a revelation. Some people need to do several. Everyone is different. Sometimes layers need to be peeled back slowly, sometimes they melt away, sometimes shifts take place slowly over a long time; it depends on who you are and where you are and what your resources are. Some people find immediate shifts: a long-estranged brother calls the next day – the relationship changes.

Some people like to journal on their constellation work so that they see what takes place over time. You generally know or intuit whether you need or are ready for another session. Being part of the circle at a Constellation Workshop can begin a healing process, or continue one that has been set in motion.