Leah's Work

All the deep healing work that Leah offers is about relationship, relationship to your Body, your Spirit and the world you live in. Whether you suffer from physical discomfort, emotional duress, anxiety, or just feel stuck, through this profound work you can experience greater harmony and peace within yourself, your family and in your life.

When we accept life and become open to the whole of ourselves, to our original nature, to our inner wisdom, we can discover and live the movements of our lives. In order to stay in presence with clarity and lucidity, to remember who we are, we need to become reconnected in relation and intimacy with others, to keep love open and flowing freely, to experience the ever-present Now.

The work I offer is accomplished in partnership with you and your higher purpose.

Group Work:

Systemic Constellations/Family Constellations (see Constellations)

Individual Work:

All work is conducted on a table, with the client fully clothed. The modality is selected as appropriate to your goals and needs and, often, a number of different methods are used in a single session for truly integrative work.

Process Acupressure: Individual Sessions
Process Acupressure: Training and Mentoring
Craniosacral Therapy
SomatoEmotional Release
Zero Balancing
Lymph Drainage Therapy
Visceral Manipulation
Somatic Experiencing
The Alexander Technique
Laban Movement Analysis

Process Acupressure: Individual Sessions 

Process Acupressure, created through the pioneering work of Aminah Raheem, PhD, works with the Body/Mind/Soul, the whole person, to further health, well-being and spiritual peace.

In a session, the client reaches a state of deep relaxation where issues can be processed on many levels simultaneously. Process Acupressure is based on the idea that the body, mind and soul are fundamentally linked and that the state of one has direct effect on the state of the other two.

Process Acupressure uses psychological and spiritual understanding to harmonize the energies of the body to promote health, mental and spiritual wellness, inner calm, creativity and joy.

“This process opens consciousness and our verbal exchange will be illuminating as well as instructive. Aminah teaches that if we know how to use them, illnesses and problems can be seen as messages, as part of a great treasure map that tells us where to look to grow and find profound healing that leads to transformation and peace.” Leah Matalon

Process Acupressure: Training and Mentoring 

Leah Matalon is an advanced trainer and mentor in Process Acupressure and teaches PA to health professionals and bodyworkers.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) 

Craniosacral Therapy was pioneered in modern times by osteopathic physician John E. Upledger, DO. Long-standing pain from TMJ, migraines and back injuries, as well as structural dysfunctions, are particularly responsive to this self-correcting work.

This therapy is a gentle hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of the craniosacral system, the multi-layered membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround the brain and spinal cord. These membranes and fluid are crystalline in structure and information and energy flows through them and all the connective tissue (fasciae) of the body at the speed of light.

By releasing restrictions and blockages in the craniosacral system, the functioning of the central nervous system, the viscera (organs) and the entire holistic energy system are enhanced. This harmonizing of the Body/Mind/Spirit allows you to begin the self-healing process, relieve you from pain, and brings you and your life back into balance.

SomatoEmotional Release (SER) 

Emerging from the Craniosacral Therapy field, SomatoEmotional Release, or SER, is process-oriented work that helps to rid the mind and body of the residual effects of acute trauma.

Deep-seated emotional memories are stored in your psyche (causing both physical and mental pain) as energy blocks. This whole-body treatment guides the release of anger, fear, guilt and trauma stored in the organs, tissues and cells, thereby relieving aches and tension, as well as freeing you from emotional stress.

Zero Balancing (ZB) 

Zero Balancing is a hands-on, Body-Mind-Spirit system designed by Fritz Smith, DO, MD. ZB facilitates integration of the client's energy body and body structure, creating balance all the way to the densest tissues, particularly the bone and skeletal system. With psyche and soma in communicative harmony after a ZB session, many people report a sense of fluidity, an integrated feeling of “being in their bones” and centered well-being.

Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) 

Lymph Drainage Therapy is a light-touch method of lymphatic drainage developed by Bruno Chikly, MD, of France. This gentle manipulation affects lymph flow as well as stimulates and regulates the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems. By clearing blockages and eliminating toxins, this therapy helps transport nutrients to the cells and increases metabolic function.

Visceral Manipulation (VM) 

Visceral Manipulation is a therapy developed by French osteopath Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral. Under healthy conditions, the relationship between the organs (both hollow and solid viscera) and structures of the body (muscles, membranes, fasciae and bones) remains constant.

However, systemic disharmony results when one organ can’t stay in proper contact and move with its surrounding tissues and viscera because of adhesions, abnormal tone, or displacement. VM releases these points of tension. Once normal mobility and tone of the viscera and their connective tissues are restored, improved functioning of the individual organs and organ systems results, and the structural integrity of the entire body is reestablished.

Somatic Experiencing 

Somatic Experiencing is a trauma-healing therapy developed by Dr. Peter A. Levine. The work focuses on the release of overwhelming trauma and on eliminating re-traumatization caused by recurrent arousal in the body-mind.

Based on observation of animals in the wild, the techniques allow rebalancing of the nervous system and the body-mind after an acute imprint and/or chronic patterning of “fight or flight” survival mode. By bringing awareness to bodily felt sensations, outer and inner resources can be accessed. Leah is currently training in this work which synthesizes insights from the fields of psychology, stress studies, and biophysics.

The Alexander Technique  

The Alexander Technique focuses on awareness of balance, posture and coordination in everyday functioning. It is a powerful method of reeducating the body to return to its optimal fluidity and function through the release of habituated muscular and structural tension.

Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) 

Laban Movement Analysis is the exploration and study of movement as a fundamental human experience and communication of a wide range of ideas, sensations and emotions: joy, fear, direction, a vision for yourself, a feeling for the world.

As developed by Rudolf Laban, perhaps the greatest movement theorist of the 20th century, LMA provides insight into personal movement style and increases awareness of what is communicated and expressed. This method is based on the philosophy that the full spectrum of movement – from locomotion to function to expression – is necessary for the development of human potential.


Ideokinesis was created and developed by André Bernard. This approach to human movement and body alignment reeducates neuro-muscular patterns of body balance and motion through tactile, visual and auditory senses, movement and creative imagery.