“Reconciliation begins in your own soul. If you are able to achieve that, you can move on to larger connections.” Bert Hellinger

Systemic Family Constellation work, developed by German therapist, philosopher and author, Bert Hellinger, is among the most innovative therapeutic interventions of our time.

A Constellation can be done individually but is practiced most often in a group setting. To explore your issues, representatives are chosen from the group to stand in the place of you and your family members.

Through simple movements and interactions, constellations reveal your family entanglements and dynamics (which we find often span back over past generations), bringing them to light in a non-judgmental way.

As this occurs, you will gain new perspectives and insights into your family relationships, your family and your role in it. These shifts are profound, often surprising, and are powerful steps towards healing.

You can read about constellation work, but until you experience it, it may not make much sense or seem possible, but as the myriad testimonials you’ll find on this site show you, it is not only important work but essential to becoming a better you.

What is most interesting, is that the relationship entanglements and resolutions that are revealed are usually not accessible through traditional therapeutic process. (See also the Question and Answer section.)

Systemic Family Constellation work is intriguing and controversial. Bert Hellinger has written many books which may be useful in understanding the practice. Some will find Lynne Taggart’s book, The Field, or the work of Albrecht Mahr or Rupert Sheldrake helpful regarding possible theories. There are other books as well as journals and videos that will shed light on the subject. (See Resources.)

Bert has called the work “movements of the Soul” and, as his practice continues to evolve, he articulates his current understanding as “moving with the Spirit-Mind.”

Regardless of how it works, there is no denying the overarching power and life-altering effect of the constellation approach.

It provides deep insight into the human condition and into the essence of relationships. Hunter Beaumont, a prominent facilitator and trainer, put constellation work into perspective succinctly: “Health may be closer than we think.”